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Alibaba Cloud Server Load Balancer (SLB) distributes traffic among multiple instances to improve the service capabilities of your applications. You can use SLB to prevent single point of failures (SPOFs) and improve the availability and the fault tolerance capability of your applications.

Server Load Balancer Pricing

The Server Load Balancer service uses instances as its basic units and provides metering data for the instance billing cycle. Fees are calculated based on length of time of load balancer rentals and network traffic.

The following prices are for reference only. The exact price will be based on the customized plan you choose.


Fees are calculated based on length of time of load balancer rentals and network traffic.

Payment method: Use first, Pay later


a) Instance rental fee is based on two types of Server Load Balancer instances: public network and private network. A public Server Load Balancer includes the public IP cost, while a private Server Load Balancer is cost-free.

b) Network traffic fees are priced on a non-incremental, linear basis in Phase I. For private network Server Load Balancer instances, no fees for any network traffic will be billed.

c) Network traffic is billed by the hour and fees will be deducted in real time. If a Server Load Balancer instance is used for less than one hour within any given billing cycle, you will be billed for the price of one full hour.

d) The billed amount for any given billing cycle is calculated based on the instance rental fee for the current billing cycle added on top of the network traffic fee for the current billing cycle. Network traffic fees apply to outgoing traffic (downstream traffic). No fee is charged for incoming traffic (upstream traffic).


Specification Pay-as-you-go
slb.s0.share US$0.006/Hour
slb.s1.small US$0.006/Hour
slb.s2.small US$0.066/Hour
slb.s2.medium US$0.126/Hour
slb.s3.small US$0.246/Hour
slb.s3.medium US$0.376/Hour
slb.s3.large US$0.616/Hour

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Same-city disaster recovery
Supports high availability across zones and failover within 30 seconds.
Traffic distribution
Supports automatic traffic distribution among multiple instances to improve the servicing capabilities of your applications.
Ease of use
Provides multiple billing standards, billing methods, and service management approaches.
Extremely high performance
Provides guaranteed-performance instances and supersize instances.


Common Scenarios

Mass data distribution

Supports the automatic distribution of mass video and audio.

Users using video and audio playback clients need to frequently interact with casters in real time. Mass requests from users may cause a broadcasting service instability. This poses a great challenge to the flexibility, stability, and availability of the entire broadcasting system.


Improvement of horizontal scaling capability

Allows you to dynamically add or remove instances based on the amount of traffic.

Distribution of mass traffic

Distributes mass traffic among multiple instances to meet your business needs.

Improvement of application high availability

Supports health check to block malfunctioned instances in real time and improve the stability of your applications.


Static and dynamic content separation

Static and dynamic request separation for fast and stable content delivery

Game services always need to load a large amount of static resources, such as pictures. You can use CDN to accelerate access to static resources for players globally. Burst traffic occurs when players interact with each other in a game. You must use SLB to distribute the traffic to ensure latency-free in-game interaction.


Distribution of dynamic requests

Distributes dynamic requests among multiple instances in real time.

Acceleration of static content delivery

Works with Object Storage Service (OSS) to cache static content and incorporates CDN to optimize route selection and accelerate static content delivery.


Multi-layer disaster recovery architecture

Disaster recovery across regions and zones

Alibaba Cloud DNS allows you to direct requests to relevant business systems across regions through intelligent address resolution. SLB enables you to distribute mass traffic and build a multi-layer disaster recovery architecture across regions and zones.



The GEO DNS service can return the optimal IP address to users. This allows the users to quickly and smoothly access the website.

Traffic distribution

Distributes mass traffic among multiple instances to meet the requirements of business development.

Multi-layer disaster recovery

Supports cross-region high availability based on Alibaba Cloud DNS and cross-zone high availability based on SLB.

Distribution of mass traffic

Distribution of mass user requests

SLB deploys instances across regions and uses these instances to load share mass user requests received on your video website to ensure the stability of your business. However, you must ensure high-speed interconnections between these instances.


High performance

Express Connect provides a bandwidth of 10 GB for intercommunication between VPCs. This allows you to use a large amount of applications.

Traffic distribution

Distributes traffic among multiple instances to improve the capability of horizontal scaling.

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