Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

A fully-managed service compatible with Kubernetes to help users focus on their applications rather than managing container infrastructure

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Alibaba Cloud Function Compute is a fully-managed event-driven compute service. It allows you to focus on writing and uploading code without the need to manage infrastructure such as servers. Function Compute provides compute resources, allowing you to run code more flexibly and reliably. In addition, you only need to pay for the resources that have been consumed when running the code. No fee is incurred if you do not run the code.

Container Service for Kubernete Price

Container Service for Kubernetes is currently free of charge. Resources used in collaboration with Container Service for Kubernetes (including Server Load Balancer and ECS) are charged separately.

ECS instances or Server Load Balancer instances automatically created from Container Service or manually added are billed at their respective prices.

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Kubernetes Certified Service Provider
Kubernetes Certified Service Provider(KCSP)and qualified by Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program. Ensures Kubernetes consistent experience, workload portability. Provides deep and rich enterprise-class cloud native abilities.
Secure and Manageable
Ensures end-to-end application security and provides fine-grained access control
Easy to Use
Allows you to quickly create Kubernetes clusters. Provides container-based management of applications throughout the application lifecycle
High PerformancerLarge numbers of containers can be started within seconds. This has been verified in the container management scenarios in Alibaba


How it works

DevOps Continuous Delivery

Optimal Continuous Delivery Proces

Working with Jenkins, Container Service automatically completes the entire DevOps process from code submission to application deployment. Only code that passes automated testing can be delivered and deployed. This efficiently replaces traditional approaches that feature complex deployment and slow iteration.


Automatic DevOps

The entire process, from code update and code building, to image building and application deployment, runs automatically.

Environmental Consistency

Container Service allows you to deliver not only code but also a running environment based on the unchangeable architecture.

Continuous Feedback

The result of each integration or delivery is immediately reported.

Alibaba Cloud HPC-based Machine Learning

Start from scratch with a focus on machine learning

Container Service helps data engineers easily deploy machine learning applications on HPC clusters, track testing and training, and publish models. Data is deployed in distributed storage devices, allowing you to focus on core businesses without the concern about complicated deployment and O&M and make fast progress starting from scratch.


Fast and Elastic

Machine learning applications can be deployed with one-click, started in seconds, and resized elastically.

Easy and Controllable

You can easily obtain the GPU computing capabilities with one-line configuration and monitor GPU resources.

Deep Integration

Container Service can seamlessly access Alibaba Cloud storage, log monitoring, and security infrastructure.

Microservices Architecture

Agile development and deployment, accelerating enterprise service iteration

In the production environment, Container Service appropriately splits microservices and stores each microservice application in Alibaba Cloud image repository for management. You only need to iterate each microservice application. Alibaba Cloud provides scheduling, orchestration, deployment, and gated launch capabilities.


Load balancing and service discovery

Supports forwarding of layer 4 and layer 7 requests and binding to backend.

Abundant scheduling and exception recovery policies

Supports service-level affinity scheduling, cross-zone high availability, and disaster recovery.

Microservice monitoring and auto scaling

Supports monitoring of microservices and containers and auto scaling of microservices.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Unified O&M of multiple cloud resources

You can manage on-cloud and off-cloud resources simultaneously on the Container Service console, without repeatedly switching across multiple cloud management consoles. With the container separated from the infrastructure, you can use the same image and orchestration to deploy applications on and off the cloud simultaneously.


On-cloud application resizing

In the peak traffic period, the system is quickly resized on the cloud to bring some service traffic to the cloud.

On-Cloud disaster tolerance

The service system is deployed both on and off the cloud to provide off-cloud services and on-cloud disaster tolerance.

Off-Cloud Development and Testing

Applications developed and tested off the cloud will be seamlessly released on the cloud.

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Auto Scaling Architecture

Traffic-based automatic service scale-up and scale-down

Container Service can automatically scale up or down a service based on the service traffic without human interference. This prevents system suspension due to scaling not executed timely when the traffic increases suddenly and saves massive idle resources in off-peak periods.


Rapid Response

If the service traffic reaches the scaling threshold, Container Service will trigger the scaling operations in seconds.


The whole scale-up or scale-down process is fully automated without human interference.

Low Cost

The system is automatically scaled down when the traffic decreases to avoid wasted resources.



Analysis of large amounts of marketing data

Currently, Ping++ deals with millions of transactions each day. Therefore, Ping++ needs to use a secure, reliable, and stable big data platform. This platform analyzes large amounts of transaction data to enhance business efficiency and to increase user loyalty.



The comprehensive big data platform provides a variety of features, such as storage, computing, BI, and machine learning.

Quick and cost-effective

The Internet-based enterprise can provide Ping++ in a cost-effective method.

Secure, stable, and reliable

The system provides strict data privacy and protection. Users can only analyze their own data.


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